CS:GO Server – SURF




Complete SURF server pack


  • Round End Sounds
  • Surf Timer with Stages (Surf Timer)
  • No Scope Rounds (Surf Combat)
  • Reset Score command (Surf Combat)
  • Spawn Protection (Surf Combat)
  • Advanced Admin Menu
  • AFK Manager
  • NoScope Option (Noscope Rounds) (Surf Combat)
  • Parachutes (All possible Models)
  • Anticamp (Surf Combat)
  • Antiflood Chat
  • Ban Disconnected Player
  • Store (Zephyrus)
  • Chat Colors (Store)
  • Weapons and Knives Skins (Private Version) (Surf Combat)
  • Gloves Skins (Private Version)
  • CSGO Bullet – Death Effect (Surf Combat)
  • Admin/Vip Join Sounds (Flags can be changed)
  • HitSounds (“Ding”) (Surf Combat)
  • Rank/Top/Stats of Players by Kills (Surf Combat)
  • Rank/Top Players By Surf Time (Surf Timer)
  • Rock The Vote with nominate
  • Top Noscope Players (Surf Combat)
  • Servers of Community List
  • SM Plugins Blocker in console – (Security for your server)
  • Chat Tags (Admins/Vips/Youtuber/Streamer(…))
  • FOV Changer (Surf Combat)
  • Sky command – Change Sky Colors

Optional & Premium Features:

  • Special Spray with logo – Optional
  • Skins/Models – Players/Vip/Admins – Optional
  • Low Ammo Announce – Optional (Surf Combat)
  • Headshot Explode Effect – Optional (Surf Combat)
  • Custom Weapons (CSGO4WEB Private Version) – Optional (Surf Combat)
  • Math Credits (Store) – Randomly ask math question and the first answer win credits – Optional
  • Auras & Trails VIPS/Admins (Flags can be changed) – Optional
  • Wings for VIPS/Admins (Flags can be changed) – Optional
  • Antiban Server Token – Optional
  • Roulette with credits (Store Bet) – Optional

Additional information

Server Type

Surf Timer, Surf Combat

All Premium Features?

Yes, No


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